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Delta P prides himself as a chameleon in the music world with an incredible ability to mimic genres, sounds, and an obsession with making songs hit just right. He views sound as a language that conveys emotions and feelings that words can’t by creating dynamic tracks that take the listener on a journey.  Whether it be phat beats or his famous homemade pasta everything he is serving is delicious.

Old TV on the Street


Delta P made a name for himself in the music industry, after working alongside some of the brightest and most talented musicians in the field. Having done work on short films, custom advertising compositions, and with his keen ear for creating an artful sonic environment he is able to partner with you to make your vision come to life. Contact for further information.


After years of honing his craft Delta P has an incredible knack for creating compositions to highlight, compliment, and bring excitement to the video game market. He has worked with amazing companies like SuperCell, Super Monkey, and NGE to create custom compositions that meld seamlessly with their brands. He is a composer that is passionate about making video game audio as epic as the gameplay. Contact for further information.

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