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From the smaller and simpler tunes to magnificent music on a grander scale, my work has touched audiences across the world. Below, please find some of official recordings. I promise they’ll transport you to another time and place altogether. Enjoy these melodies and arrangements from some of the finest ensembles in the world.

Detail of Sheet Music
Headphones and sheet music
Sheet music on music stand


Dedicated not only to giving concerts of contemporary and established repertoires, I composed this number and it became a huge success. Listen to the track now and let me know your thoughts. Get in touch today!


This recording has become a favorite among fans, as it has various pitch ranges paired with amazing instrumental melodies. I worked incredibly hard on all of the arrangements, and I’m proud to be able to present the fans with this amazing piece. Listen to this recording, as well as many other recordings now.


This recording is one of my earlier works. With a broad instrumental range and notes soaring across all pitch levels, Love and Lilies has become a fan favorite among my audiences.

Compositions: Compositions
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